JW Therapy

I am an art psychotherapist with additional training in applied Buddhist psychology and relational trauma therapy.

Art therapy is a form of psychodynamic therapy that facilitates personal discovery, healing & emotional health by combining art making & therapeutic dialogue.

The “art” in art therapy is seen as a vehicle of expression & enable access to unconscious processes. It doesn’t require for you to be an artist or consider yourself good at art.  What it offers is an way of exploring your inner experience & expressing yourself.

Buddhist psychology draws on the Buddha’s insights. It puts us in touch with a shared wisdom, both practical & spiritual. It shows us a way in which we can face the inevitable challenges & suffering that comes from being human. It helps us to live a wholehearted life, caring both for ourselves & others.

Trauma therapy uses approaches and methods that target symptoms resulting from traumatic experiences. This includes PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and complex trauma due to adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s).

Areas I can help with:
depression, stress & anxiety; sexuality & sexual problems; PTSD & trauma; bereavement, grief & loss; addiction; relationships; personal growth & spiritual development

For an appointment contact me via email: jnanamati@gmail.com or by phone: 07962 234328.