JW Therapy

I am an art therapist with additional training in applied Buddhist psychology and relational trauma therapy.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that facilitates personal discovery, healing and emotional health by combining art making and therapeutic dialogue.

The “art” in art therapy is seen as a vehicle of expression. It doesn’t require for you to be an artist or consider yourself good at art.  What it offers is an additional way of exploring your inner experience & expressing yourself.

Buddhist psychology draws on the Buddha’s insights. It puts us in touch with a shared wisdom & shows us a way in which we can face the inevitable challenges & suffering that comes with being human. It helps us to live a wholehearted life, caring both for ourselves & others.

Trauma therapy uses approaches and methods that target symptoms resulting from traumatic experiences. This includes PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and developmental trauma.

Areas I can help with:
depression, stress & anxiety; sexuality & sexual problems; PTSD & trauma; bereavement, grief & loss; addiction; relationships; personal growth & spiritual development

For an appointment contact me via email: jnanamati@gmail.com or by phone: 07962 234328.

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